Sourcewell (NJPA)


It is fast, easy, and cost competitive for you to get everything you need for your EV Charging Station project without having to do an RFP….all while meeting your due diligence requirements. Get trusted hardware, software, installation, project management and sound advice.

Formed in June of 2009, LilyPad EV has provided/installed over 2500 charging station ports for cities, counties, electric utility companies, educational institutions, multi-family dwellings, and private enterprise locations in 24 states across the US. Our work as a provider of electric vehicle charging stations has ranged from small projects with 1 or 2 stations at a single location to a large project with multiple stations installed at each of more than a hundred locations.  LilyPad EV’s experience and expertise spans the spectrum required for successful deployments of EV charging stations. We use the best charging station products and provide quality installation and maintenance.


If you are a governmental, non-profit or educational entity looking for EV Charging Stations at the best price around and want to be sure you are working with a quality company, all without having to go though an arduous RFP process while still meeting your own bidding due diligence requirements this is for you.  LilyPad EV has won a competitively bid and awarded national contract with Sourcewell.  You can purchase EV Charging Stations and related products/installation/services from our Sourcewell contract.  This give you great competitive pricing and the confidence that we have been well vetted.

This saves you valuable time and resources.   We’ll take care of the charging stations, you take care of business.



  • it provides you with access to quality, competitively bid EV Charging Stations/Installation/Services
  • Decreases the cost of your procurement process, while satisfying your purchasing due diligence
  • Insures you are working with an experienced, trusted vendor…LilyPad EV


  • Any Governmental Entity – states, counties, cities, or any unit of these entities
  • Any Educational Institution
  • Any Non-Profit
  • If you are not already a Sourcewell member, joining is quick, easy, no cost, and risk free via the Sourcewell Online Application


  • Contact LilyPad EV.
  • or 913-269-2453.
  • We will work with you to ensure your EV charging station project is successful!!


Contract#: 051017-LPE
Category: Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
Description: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Planning, Sales, Installation, Maintenance
Maturity Date: 07/25/2021

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