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We offer a full range of

commercial EV services

. Our approach is understanding your goals, ask questions to understand the details of your situation, then create a proposal that meets your needs.   It can be as simple as providing the charging equipment, cloud services and warranty, or it can be complete installations with ongoing support services.

We can help with the project management of the project if you desire.  Our scope of work on your project will be determined by the size of your project and degree to which you want us to ‘just make it happen’ for you.  For large organizations with many stakeholders we can work with your internal departments and external stakeholders to execute the project.

commercial ev services

  • Complete Turnkey or a la carte
  • Advice/Planning
  • Product Sales
  • Installation/Service/Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Site selection

a trusted partner forall industries

Whatever the type of organization, the people critical to your success are currently or will be driving EVs soon. These may be your retail customers, employees, commercial or residential tenants, students, city or county residents. For those that drive EVs they go where charging stations are available. They tend to shop at retail locations that provide charging stations. They tend to choose employers that provide charging stations at work. They tend to choose jobs in cities that support and encourage charging stations.

The typical EV driver is highly educated and earns a higher income. Don’t ignore them. Attract them to you. Increase your property values. Make more sales. Attract and retain more workforce candidates. Make your city a destination.

Install Charging Stations!!!

Utility Companies

Provide more electricity
Utilize Surplus Capacity


Attract/Retain EV drivers as employees
Amenity for employees

Cities/ Counties/ States

Attract higher educated, higher income residents
Support Air Quality goals
Make your area a destination


Attract EV drivers as tenants
Increase average tenant length of stay


Attract more customers
Increase customer length of stay
Sell more of your existing products

Commercial Properties

Make your properties more attractive
Higher property values
Higher occupancy


Decrease vehicle Total Cost of Ownership
Support emission reduction goals/mandates

Highway Corridors

Help EV drivers get to your metro on trips
Economic development for your community
add electric fuel to your existing gas/diesel highway fueling facilities


Amenity for students
Amenity for employees


Amenity for patients/families
Amenity for employees


LilyPad ensures you have the right charging capability where you need it.
Whether it’s the service bays, delivery, or guest parking areas, LilyPad will ensure you have the right set-up for your dealership.

tax credits & incentives

Incentives from government and utility companies may be available to help reduce your project costs. You may be able to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit of qualifying costs up to $30,000 per location. There are additional tax credits from state and local governments as well as programs sponsored by electric utility companies. Contact us today to see if your state provides an incentive.