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EV charging infrastructure is LilyPad EVs business and passion. Our mission is to help utility ALL companies, cities, universities, and private enterprises provide the necessary electric charging station(s) for those with electric vehicles.
















Number of ChargePoint electric vehicle charging spots installed

With all these charging spots available across the country, and more coming every day, EV drivers will have the confidence they can charge when they want to.


Electric vehicles are on the road in the U.S. and Canada

Almost every manufacturer now sells electric vehicles and new electric models continue to roll out. With the wide range of choices, EVs can handle the normal daily driving needs of most people. Prices continue to decrease and range continues to increase. That can result in lower costs over the life of the vehicle.


Average US amount of greenhouse gas saved compared to gasoline

Driving electric cars puts fewer greenhouse gases into our atmosphere compared to gasoline vehicles. It is often correctly said EVs have no tailpipe emissions. The source of emissions is at the electric power plant. On average across the US, EVs result in over a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases per mile driven as compared to gasoline vehicles. Greenhouse gases are associated with climate change. Providing an EV charging station helps reduce your carbon footprint.


number of ChargePoint charges delivered

That’s a whole lot of charging going on!!!! It’s clear that electric transportation is going mainstream. The cost per mile of driving is much lower using electricity than gas or diesel.

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