Sawatch Labs

Sawatch Labs is a company whose analytics enables data-driven fleet electrification and optimization to simplify the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies

Sawatch applies data science to analyze current fleet use, identify vehicles suitable for replacement with electric vehicles (EVs), determine optimal locations for fueling and EV charging infrastructure, and identify opportunities to right-size the fleet. Based on the more than 20 years of experience their staff has supporting fleets and local governments, they understand the importance of putting the right technology in the field that best supports fleet drivers.

They use telematics data so that their analysis is precise, based on how each fleet vehicle drives minute by minute because each vehicle is unique, and all miles are not equal. They are data-agnostic, meaning they can use telematics data from any provider.

Their flagship analytics platform, ezEV, allows you to quickly analyze telematics data regardless of the size of your fleet; having worked with fleets of 5 vehicles up to more than 2,500. Sawatch analyzes existing fueling and charging infrastructure to determine if, when, and where additional infrastructure would be needed to support future deployment in the fleet, as well as the average fueling demand (gallons/day, kWh/day) and cost for each vehicle.