LilyPad EV is Expanding Our Capabilities with Shields Harper & Co.

LilyPad EV is an experienced full-service provider of electric vehicle charging stations. Formed in June of 2009, LilyPad has provided/installed over 1300 charging stations for cities, counties, electric utility companies, educational institutions, multi-family dwellings, and private enterprise locations across the US. Our work as a provider of electric vehicle charging stations has ranged from small projects with 1 or 2 stations at a single location to a large project with a total of 1000 stations installed at over more than a hundred locations.

LilyPad EV’s deep experience and expertise span the spectrum required for successful deployments of EV charging stations. We use the best charging station products and provide the most qualified installation.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that LilyPad EV has been acquired by Shields Harper, & Co!

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Installation and Consultation Experts For Any EV Projectshields harper & co

LilyPad EV is building the fueling network of the future and has pioneered charging station planning and installation since 2009. We offer extensive electrical expertise with trusted trade partners to provide effective solutions to meet your EV charging project expectations—no matter your industry.

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We’ve worked with over 400 companies across 37 states and installed charging stations nationwide at over 1000 locations. Our stations have charged EVs more than 2 million times.

If you’re looking for expertise on all things EV charging, installation, and support, there’s no one better to turn to for turnkey solutions and guidance. 

When we say installing high-quality EV charging is a necessary investment in the future of your commercial or residential building, you can trust we know what we’re talking about.

Our New Partners

LilyPad EV is very pleased with the recent SHC acquisition. Both companies share the same enthusiasm for the expanded deployment of electric fueling infrastructure and have the same approach to working with customers.

Commercial EV Services

SHC is a leading distributor of energy systems and convenience store equipment. Headquartered in Martinez, California, we run distribution across the western United States. Since 1917 the company has created a proud history that spans more than 100 years.

Shields Harper & Co. will continue to be an industry innovator, pushing the envelope of what can be. Our vision to be energy diverse means that we offer complete solutions across the spectrum of petroleum, electric vehicle, and other alternative energy sources. We recognize that our customer’s time is valuable which is why our one-stop-shop model allows us to provide solutions that create value. These solutions include ground-up, remodel, program fulfillment, and resupply of critical ongoing components.

No matter what happens over the next 100 years, rest assured that SHC will continue to lead and deliver the solutions you need to keep your business moving in the right direction.

SHC and LilyPad EV put customer interests first, treat the customer right, offer experienced sound advice, and provide quality products, installation, and support. This commitment to quality and innovation is what makes Shields Harper & Co. the perfect partners to the incredible team at LilyPad EV in their continued growth and success.

Same Great Team, Same Great Products, Even Greater Services 

Though now a part of the Shields Harper & Co team, LilyPad EV will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary within the newly created SHC Renewables Division. Though our management has changed, the same expert team at LilyPad EV is still present and committed to providing you with unparalleled EV charging expertise.

Installation Services

Whatever the type of organization, the people critical to your success are currently, or will soon be, driving EVs. These may be your retail customers, employees, commercial or residential tenants, students, city or county residents. For those that drive EVs, they go where charging stations are available. They tend to shop at retail locations that provide charging stations. They tend to choose employers that provide charging stations at work. They tend to choose jobs in cities that support and encourage charging stations.

That’s why we make sure to support all our clients with full installation services. However, there’s a lot that goes into the installation process. Location, access to power, current vs. future demand, and the need for foot traffic—these factors play a part in a successful installation. Especially if you want your EV charging station installation to benefit your facility in the long run.

So, you need to be strategic when planning for installation. We recommend starting with just a few stations in central locations and spreading out over time as more drivers request charging stations or access to charging. Like with any significant investment, it makes sense to dip your toes in the water before diving in.

Cutting Edge Product Catalogue

The world has changed. Electric Transportation is now viable and increasingly popular. There are over half a million plug-in electric vehicles on the road in the US and that number is increasing. Almost every car manufacturer now has plug-in electric vehicles available. EV drivers need EV charging. That’s where we come in.

We encourage our clients to focus on general charging stations that service the most electric vehicles. Choosing proprietary charging stations, like the kind manufactured by Tesla, may sound exciting. However, it’s detrimental to your facility long-term. You want to service the broadest number of electric vehicles possible with your investment, and proprietary chargers only make that more difficult. This is especially true as the rest of the industry progresses with standardized charging station technology.

Though there are many great EV charging station hardware developers, we would be remiss not to mention our trusted business partners at ChargePoint. They are leading the way in implementing new charging stations for every type of charging use and have the largest EV charging network in the country.

Their stations are tested, well constructed, and have high utility. Not to mention, ChargePoint has a broad portfolio of distinct types of commercial stations to meet the spectrum of your property’s EV charging needs.

Unmatched Expertise


We offer a full range of commercial EV services. Our approach is to understand your goals, ask questions to understand the details of your situation, then create a proposal that meets your needs.   It can be as simple as providing the charging equipment, cloud services, and warranty, or it can be complete installations with ongoing support services.

We can help with the project management of the project if you desire.  Our scope of work on your project will be determined by the size of your project and the degree to which you want us to “just make it happen” for you.  For large organizations with many stakeholders, we can work with your internal departments and external stakeholders to execute the project.


Whatever the solution for you, we have the expertise to thoroughly consider your needs before installing EV charging stations or designing the infrastructure for your charging network.

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Support and Consultation Services

shields harper & coExpertise is key in identifying EV Charging Station grants you qualify for—and implementing them most effectively in your installation process. As such, it’s always helpful to have an experienced guide to navigate and explain the various grants and incentives you can benefit from. LilyPad EV, powered by Shields Harper & Co., has the expertise necessary to provide that support.

Many state and local governments provide EV charging station incentives. That much is likely obvious. But did you know that some utility companies also offer incentives for installing EV charging stations? 

Since utility providers benefit from people using more power, they may provide incentives for facilities considering installing EV charging stations.

In fact, incentives from government and utility companies may be available to help reduce your project costs. You may be able to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit of qualifying costs up to $30,000 per location. There are additional tax credits from state and local governments as well as programs sponsored by electric utility companies. 

If you’re looking for more personalized support and assistance identifying EV Charging Station Grants available to you, contact us here at LilyPad EV. In our consultations, we will have a detailed discussion about your charging needs and how to maximize your ROI.

Then, it’s essential that you learn all you can about these programs and how to access them as you begin considering installing charging stations in your condo or apartment building.

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Turn to LilyPad EV, Powered by Shields Harper & Co

LilyPad EV has been here since the very beginning of the EV market. We offer optimized, expert, turnkey solutions to meet your EV charging needs and benefit your commercial or multi-family residential buildings. The knowledge we’ve gained from over a decade of installing EV charging stations makes us an unmatched advisor in all things EV charging.

Now more than ever, investing in the EV charging market can provide unbeatable value to your business. With the current need for electric vehicles only growing, upgrading your workplace, government facility, multi-family residential facility, or retail location is the only way to future-proof your building. That’s why LilyPad EV is here to help guide you through the installation and financing process. No matter your needs, we’re the right team for the job.

Additionally, you can learn more about Shields Harper & Co’s acquisition of LilyPad EV and how we’re working together to revolutionize clean energy infrastructure.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation & learn more about how LilyPad EV, powered by Shields Harper & Co, is an ideal partner to help plan and install EV charging for your multi-family facility!

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