LilyPad EV is very pleased to work with Evelocity, a company dedicated to helping organizations with strategic electric vehicle fleet and  infrastructure planning studies.

Evelocity is a helpful partner in the new world of electric vehicles (EV).  Public and private organizations are embracing this big change in transportation.  But, understanding the details of how to manage the change to EV is a challenge for many.

Evelocity is an advisory services team, helping organizations address questions about:

  • How to evaluate fleet transition options

  • EV charging infrastructure requirements

  • Where charging infrastructure should be installed, given variables such as interstate corridor locations, population density, traffic analytics, urban layout, etc.

  • Funding requirements and the business case details


We are at a point in time where it is no longer a question of if EV adoption will be happening in the US, it is an issue of how it will unfold and at what rate.  This is the mission of Evelocity…to help organizations to move ahead…paving the road for EV.

With Evelocity’s strategic planning resources and LilyPad EV’s proven experience with design and deployment of EV charging infrastructure, you can’t go wrong.