Easy Access EV Charging: The Perks of Using Chargepoint Instead of Proprietary (like Tesla) Charging Installation

Tesla charging installation

At this point, it’s no secret. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Numerous automotive manufacturers have committed to manufacturing exclusively zero-emission vehicles by 2040, and the US Government has committed $5 Billion to expand EV charging nationwide. As the demand for electric vehicles rises, the demand for EV charging will rise right along with it.

But a consistent stumbling block for current efforts in EV charging network development is proprietary technology in charging installation. When users of public charging stations, many of them expect it to function exactly like a gas station pump, where the nozzle works for every car. This is not always the case with EV charging stations, notably with Tesla charging stations.

That’s why we wanted to take some time to discuss charging station installation. Specifically, why proprietary charging installation, like Tesla charging installation and other services, may not be best for your business.

Installation and Consultation Experts For Any EV Project

LilyPad EV LLC, powered by Shields Harper & Co., is building the fueling network of the future. We have pioneered charging station planning and installation since 2009, and offer extensive electrical expertise with trusted trade partners. Our recent acquisition by SHC has only improved our ability to provide effective, well-thought-out solutions to meet your EV charging project expectations—no matter your industry.

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We’ve worked with over 400 companies across 37 states and have installed charging stations at over 1000 locations nationwide. Our stations have charged EVs more than 2 million times, and we’ve recently been named Chargepoint’s Reseller of the Year. In fact, Keith Anderson, LilyPad EV Co-Founder and current VP of Business Development, was also named Chargepoint’s First Ever Salesperson of the Year! 

As our award-winning team proves, we go above and beyond to provide our customers a dependable experience. Our services include comprehensive consultation for your EV charging needs, site surveying, project management, and professional EV charging station installation.

LilyPad EV Powered by SHC

LilyPad EV is very pleased with the recent Shields Harper & Co. acquisition. Both companies share the same enthusiasm for the expanded deployment of electric fueling infrastructure and have the same approach to working with customers.

We will continue to be industry innovators, pushing the envelope of what can be. With this expertise, you can rest assured that when we tell you tesla charging installation may not serve your business’ interests, we mean it.

The Truth About Propriety & Tesla Charging Installation

However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. We want to give you as much information as possible to make educated decisions. That’s why we want to explain everything you need to know about Chargepoint charging stations, Tesla charging installation, and the future of EVs.

Read on to learn more about charging stations, the needs of a nationwide EV charging network, and how to boost your business with EV charging.

Chargepoint Charging Station Basics

Before we discuss the pros and cons of Tesla charging installation, it’s worth establishing a baseline level of knowledge about EV charging.

Though charging stations come in different power-levels for different purposes, there are two basic types of charging station that LilyPad installs. These are ideal models for public or commercial charging services.

EV Charging Station Project

Here are the differences between the two levels of EV charging stations that we install. 

Level 2 Charging

These are the flagship workhorse charging stations. They are level 2 stations that can charge any EV and utilize the industry-standard J1772 connector. These are the most commonly deployed stations. They provide about 20-25 miles of range per hour of charging. They connect to 208/240VAC.

This station can be purchased in single or dual configurations to charge one or two vehicles simultaneously. It can also be configured as a pedestal mount such as in a parking lot or on a wall such as in a parking garage or on the side of a building. 

Level 3 Charging / DCFC / Fast DC:

This is the fast DC station that charges all EVs capable of fast charging at 62.5kW, charging 25% faster than a 50kW station. It provides approximately 250 miles of range per hour of charging. These are typically used along highway corridors to enable traveling longer distances but are also often used where the driver needs a very fast fill-up.

Our Chargers

Two ChargePoint CPE250s can be paired together to provide charging power of up to 125kW, dynamically managing charging power between two vehicles. The Paired Express 250 is the best way to support current and future vehicles with the same installation.  The next generation of charging stations from ChargePoint, the EXPP family, can charge vehicles even faster.

LilyPad EV LLC is an exclusive Tier 3 Channel Partner for ChargePoint, the top charging station manufacturer in North America. ChargePoint EV charging stations are quality products with options that fit every need and provide great support.

Each level of charging station we install has its own set of benefits. 

Level 2 charging stations

Level 2 stations don’t use as much power as higher-level charging stations, so you can’t count only on the sale of electricity for your ROI. When patrons hook up to a level 2 charging station at your business, they are encouraged to stay longer, which may result in higher spending on your normal goods and services.

tesla charging installation


For restaurants, this could mean an increase in dessert or appetizer sales from longer visits. For retail, it could result in longer shopping time, which leads to more sales. Employers who install Level 2 charging stations encourage a new pool of prospective employees to apply for positions and be good stewards of the environment. Multi-family properties benefit from encouraging tenants needing EV charging who are more likely to remain in their apartments or condos. 

Level 3 charging stations

These stations are capable of adding over 250 miles or more of driving range per hour of charging. Level 3 charging stations use significantly more power than the other charging levels. These stations are typically along highway corridors or C-stores for fast charging on the go, but they benefit all EV owners. Especially if those EV owners need a quick charge.

With the added charging speed and electric infrastructure required, installation for a level 3 charging station can be a bit pricey but can still benefit your business. For travel centers and other businesses that already attract highway traffic, adding a level 3 charging station encourages EV drivers to patronize your center just like drivers needing gasoline.

Commercial EV Services

And with more and more people turning to electric cars, instead of losing traffic you can tap into a new pool of customers.  The additional sales of snacks and meals can help recoup investment costs for the charging stations.

Incentives for EV Charging

For both levels of EV charging stations, incentives from federal and state governments, as well as utility companies, are a great way to boost your ROI. That’s why it’s important to know how to take advantage of EV charging station grants.

The Drawbacks of Proprietary EV Charging Installation

There are a variety of problems with using proprietary charging stations. Even though proprietary systems are better known, they often have less obvious issues you need to tackle if you want to reach your ROI quickly and efficiently.

LilyPad EV LLC recognizes that the single most well-known electric vehicle brand today is Tesla. Whether it’s because of its well-known CEO, ubiquitous branding, or catchy name, Tesla has become synonymous for many people with EV charging in general. For businesses, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean Tesla charging installation is a good investment.

While not every business has the same needs or caters to quite the same clientele, charging is a great way to boost your profitability long-term. For some locations, proprietary charging may be the perfect addition to their current amenities. However, a variety of factors make proprietary technology, like what you receive with Tesla charging installation, a less appealing commercial investment than you might first expect.

The Technology is Proprietary

The biggest factor to consider is that proprietary chargers are only usable by specific vehicles. For instance, only Teslas can use the Tesla high-speed superchargers. In the case of Tesla specifically, there are currently no available adapters that can enable you to use one of these on a non-Tesla vehicle. While this may change in the future, it limits the number of EVs you can actually serve in the short term. These issues are prevalent across the industry and have proved a stumbling block to the development of the EV grid. As a result, proprietary charging will impact your ROI and make your investment less profitable from launch.

tesla charging installation

Other electric cars (both hybrids and full electric) from the likes of Hyundai, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, and BMW are available to buy from dealerships today. Tesla may be the biggest name in EV manufacturing, but they are by no means the only one. If you only install Tesla chargers, or another proprietary charging service, then you are not catering to the full EV audience.

If you’re concerned about not being able to service Tesla vehicles in your area though, Chargepoint charging stations have adaptors so they can be used by Tesla drivers.

Luxury Brand Vehicles are Expensive

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering who you’re likely to service, but Tesla vehicles are expensive. Today, the cheapest Tesla vehicle on the market is well over $40,000. This means you will, naturally, service fewer drivers. Not everyone, even people actively looking for EVs, can afford Teslas. With proprietary Tesla charging stations, you will not only be servicing fewer EV owners, but that number of EV owners will be even smaller than you might think due to the current cost of Tesla vehicles.


Chargepoint charging installation with LilyPad EV LLC. will allow your business to cater to the largest possible number of drivers, without sacrificing utility or limiting your ROI.

Fewer Options For Merchant Facilities

EVs and especially Teslas can consume a huge amount of power when plugged in. You may want to offer this as a complimentary service or bundle as part of the overall service. However, if you want to directly charge users for a charge, there’s no out-of-the-box solution. This means you have to invest both time and money into retrofitting your merchant facility. 

If you install more than one charger it’s highly likely that your location will not be able to supply the current required.

Many Proprietary Contracts Are Limiting To You Business

Your responsibilities and liabilities as a charging venue may surprise you. After all, there really is no such thing as a free lunch. Carefully check the contracts your proprietary charging provider gives you. It is not uncommon for the terms and conditions to be restrictive and overly complicated. This leads to slower ROI and unexpected expenses during repairs.

Want Effective EV Charging Solutions? Turn to LilyPad EV and Shields Harper & Co.

LilyPad EV LLC has been here since the very beginning of the EV market. We offer optimized, expert, turnkey solutions to meet your EV charging needs and benefit your commercial or multi-family residential buildings. The knowledge we’ve gained from over a decade of installing EV charging stations makes us an unmatched advisor in all things EV charging.

Now more than ever, investing in the EV charging market can provide unbeatable value to your business. With the current need for electric vehicles only growing, upgrading your fleet is the only way to future-proof your business. That’s why LilyPad EV LLC. is here to help guide you through the installation and financing process. No matter your needs, from discussing the pros and cons of Tesla EV charging to installing quality charging stations, we’re the right team for the job.

Additionally, you can learn more about Shields Harper & Co’s acquisition of LilyPad EV LLC and how we’re working together to revolutionize clean energy infrastructure across the country.

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