Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations in 2021


Commercial EV Charging

Your organization has the opportunity to benefit from the nearly 2 million electric vehicles on the road in the US today. EV drivers need to charge where they live, work, play, shop, and travel, and installing an EV charging station can attract EV drivers in a way that benefits both you and the drivers.  

At LilyPad EV, we install commercial EV charging stations for businesses and other organizations throughout the United States, providing a multitude of benefits for companies and their clients as well as cities and states. We have been in the EV charging station business since the beginning, opening our doors in 2009, and we have the expertise to provide your facilities with charging stations that open up a world of opportunities.

We can show you how to benefit from this rapidly growing market including new or enhanced revenue streams, help meet your own sustainability goals, and possible tax credits/grants/incentives.

What Charging Stations can bring to your business 

When you install commercial EV charging stations from LilyPad EV, you’re investing in your future. People who own electric vehicles need charging stations for their daily drives as well as for highway road trips. Installing commercial EV charging stations is an incentive to stop at your business. 

People who drive electric vehicles are more likely to choose to live in places that have charging stations available, and they are more likely to work for a company that provides charging stations for their employees. 

According to Forbes, one of the biggest challenges facing electric vehicle ownership is a lack of charging infrastructure. Having more commercial EV charging stations increases the quality of life of electric vehicle owners and encourages them to buy, live, work, play, or stay at establishments that cater to their charging needs.

Charging stations also help your organization meet your sustainability goals, perhaps including goals for your fleet of vehicles. In addition, they can open up possible tax benefits.

Levels of charging stations

Did you know there are actually multiple levels of charging stations available? When installing an EV charging station, you will have a few options depending on what you or your company needs. 

Charging stations are broken down into three levels:

  • Level 1 Charging: Sometimes used in homes of electric vehicle owners who don’t drive a lot of miles. This is both the cheapest and slowest option, with cars gaining 3-5 miles of travel per hour of charging. These aren’t suitable for commercial charging because the slow trickle charge leaves drivers dissatisfied. This is a standard 120V wall plug.
  • Level 2 Charging: This is the standard for commercial EV charging stations. Level  2 charging stations will charge cars nearly 4-5 times faster than Level 1 stations, with about 25 miles of travel or more added per hour of charging. Ideal for  public, fleet or commercial EV charging. 
  • Level 3 Charging / DCFC / Fast DC: The fastest option for charging, these DC stations can provide up to 250 miles of driving range per hour of charging or more. These are typically used along highway corridors to enable traveling longer distances, and are often also installed in other places such as c-stores or quick turn fleet depots where drivers need a fast charge. 

LilyPad EV has extensive experience installing both Level 2 and DCFC charging stations.   We use ChargePoint products to provide a complete array of products for all of your EV charging needs. We are an exclusive Tier 3 Channel Partner for ChargePoint, the #1 charging station manufacturer in North America. ChargePoint products are robust, reliable, user friendly, UL Listed, Energy Star Certified, provide a seamless end-to-end user experience, and have a great support team.

The cost of EV charging installation

The price for purchase and installation of an EV charging station all depends on the quantity and type of stations you need and the work required for installation. We will work closely with you so you understand the options, benefits, and costs of each option…..helping you make the best choice for charging infrastructure for your needs.

With the ever-expanding electric vehicle market, the federal government is offering tax credits and some state agencies and electric utility companies are offering rebates and grant incentives for installing commercial EV charging. You may be able to receive up to $30,000 back for your business for EV charging installation with a 30% federal tax credit. That credit may also be able to be combined with state or utility company incentives.

For businesses, the return on investment only starts with rebates and tax credits. Studies show that businesses with commercial EV charging stations installed encourage customers to stop and shop longer. EV charging stations can increase your property value, attract employees or tenants, and encourage them to remain with you longer. 

Increased sustainability

Many organizations are looking for ways to increase their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Commercial EV charging infrastructure from LilyPad EV can have a profound impact on a company’s sustainability efforts. Installation of charging stations encourages both employees and customers to drive electric vehicles, which reduces pollutants released into the air from traditional fossil fuels. Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions and produce significantly less wheel-to-wheel emissions compared to gasoline or diesel, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Energy.  Driving EVs continues to get cleaner over time as electric utility companies increase the renewables in their generation mix.

Adding EV charging stations also signifies to the public that your organization cares about the environment and your customers. A study done by ChargePoint and Presidio Graduate School found that commercial EV charging stations help employers meet greenhouse gas reduction targets while increasing their employees’ overall satisfaction. 

Industries that benefit from commercial EV charging station installation

Here are just a few examples of businesses and companies that see benefits from installing LilyPad EV’s commercial EV charging stations.

Retail and Hospitality 

Electric vehicle owners who visit a retail property with charging stations tend to stay longer and spend more. Additionally, charging stations attract new customers who might not otherwise stop at your facility. Customers report more satisfaction with their experience, making them more likely to return in the future. Plus, commercial EV charging stations can help achieve your sustainability goals and/or meet community-level sustainability initiatives.

Multi-family Homes and Commercial Property 

Installing commercial EV charging stations at your multi-family or commercial property can increase property value.. Plus, tax incentives and rebates can help offset the cost of your installation, giving your multi-family home and commercial property a quicker return on investment. In fact, certain cities and states are now mandating that commercial properties above a certain size offer EV charging, so installing a charging station with LilyPad EV can put you ahead of the game.  


Recent studies have shown that installing EV charging stations at a workplace can increase employee satisfaction. The U.S. Department of Energy found that 90% of employees in a recent survey expressed satisfaction with their worksite’s charging programs. The same study also found that installing commercial EV charging stations in a workplace encourages employees to learn about the benefits of driving electric vehicles, making it more likely they purchase an electric vehicle. The same benefits with tax incentives and return on investment also apply. 


As everyday consumers continue to invest in electric vehicles, fleet managers are also switching to electric. Changing your fleet over to electric vehicles can result in many benefits, such as:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Meeting sustainability goals

When considering a change to an electric fleet, contact the experts at LilyPad EV to learn about commercial fleet EV charging solutions that fit your needs. 


When drivers are looking for parking in a city, there is little to differentiate one parking lot from another other than location or price. Installing commercial EV charging stations can set your parking site apart from the rest and increase your revenue stream by charging EV drivers a fee for use of the charging stations. 

Highway Corridors

In April of 2021, the United States government unveiled a plan to advance the country’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Among the new benefits were grants for deploying charging infrastructure across the country. The Department of Transportation has recognized highway segments that have infrastructure plans to allow travel on alternative fuels, including electricity. 

There are many State and Federal grant programs open for funding EV charging along highways.

So far, the Department of Transportation has made plans for 119 interstates and 100 highways and state roads to have charging stations placed on their roadways, and the most recent round of nominations for the Alternative Fuel Corridor Designations include another 51 interstates and 50 highways from 25 states. 

With all of that planning for new EV charging stations on highways around the country, state governments and municipalities can trust LilyPad EV to provide the right stations and take care of the installations. We are a trusted name in the EV charging world because we do things right, do them smart, and do them fast. 

LilyPad EV: Your trusted name for EV charging stations

Of the many reasons to trust LilyPad EV with your commercial EV charging project installation, our experience stands above the rest. The broad and deep knowledge we’ve gained since forming in 2009 just can’t be beat. We’ve been here since the beginning of this EV market and are 100% focused on EV charging. We provide smart, well thought out turnkey solutions to meet your EV charging needs for small or very large projects.

If you want a trusted advisor to navigate the EV Charging world, LilyPad EV is the right choice.

Our overriding philosophy is that we always act in our customers’ best interest. We listen closely to understand your goals, offer our best advice to help you make the most informed decision possible, and offer the right products, design and installation options to best fit your needs. We want your project to be a success now and to position you for success moving forward.

As of June 2021, we have installed more than 4000 charging spots in 38 states and 341 cities, helping more than 34,000 drivers with their charging needs. We’ve seen it all when it comes to installing charging stations, and our experience helps us successfully deploy your charging stations in the most cost effective and timely manner, ensuring your project goals are met.

The need for EV charging infrastructure is only going to grow over the coming years, and LilyPad EV charging stations and installation can help you invest in your future. 

Contact us today to find out more about how LilyPad EV’s commercial EV charging stations can improve your business now, and tomorrow. 

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