The Long-term Value of C Store EV Charging Installation

c store ev charging

If you’re a Convenience Store owner looking to improve your business’ long-term profitability and value, now is the perfect time to invest in C Store EV Charging Stations. Reporting shows that many US automakers plan to transition to producing at least 50% electric vehicles by the year 2030

Even major industry figures recognize that the future of C Store development is in EV charging. Don’t believe us? Check out this article from (and accompanying podcast) about how when it comes to the future of C Stores, it’s EVs or bust.

As the demand for EV charging rises, outfitting your properties to supply fuel to the consumers of the future is vital for the continued profitability of your business. Turning to EV Charging installation professionals is the best way to future-proof your business.

Installation and Consultation Experts For Any EV Project

LilyPad EV is building the fueling network of the future and has pioneered charging station planning and installation since 2009. We offer extensive electrical expertise with trusted trade partners to provide effective solutions to meet your EV charging project expectations—no matter your industry.

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We’ve worked with over 400 companies across 37 states and have installed charging stations at over 1000 locations nationwide. Our stations have charged EVs more than 2 million times. Our services include comprehensive consultation for your EV charging needs, site surveys, project management, and professional EV charging station installation. With this expertise, you can rest assured that you’re receiving expert guidance when you come to us for information on C Store upgrades and the viability of C Store EV charging.

We’re committed to providing businesses with all the knowledge and information they need to make educated decisions regarding EV Charging investment. That’s why we’re here to explain everything you need to know about the lasting value EV Charging Stations can bring to your C Store properties. 

Why Install EV Charging Stations Now?

It’s essential to recognize the opportunity posed at this time in the EV Charging industry. 2022 is an exciting time for investing in EV charging stations, especially within urban areas and high-traffic highway/rural convenience stores.

Interest in electric vehicle ownership is at an all-time high, and there are already nearly 2 million electric vehicles on the road across the country. At the same time, there are continuing significant developments in electric vehicle technologies. 

This includes significant improvements to battery range making electric vehicles an increasingly attractive option for consumers, transportation services, and utility providers. It’s only a matter of time before electric car owners become a significant customer base in your market. You are doing yourself a disservice, and leaving out a growing market segment, by not considering making the transition.

These incentives will disappear as the market develops and EV charging expands, especially within urban centers and around high-traffic C Store properties. They’re designed to make engaging in the market more attractive now when financial returns are more likely to be slow. Acting now means that your convenience store property can benefit from these grants and incentives for years to come.

How to Implement Urban C Store EV Charging Stations

When installing EV charging stations at an urban C Store location, the primary focus should be the location of the charging stations in the parking lot.

c store EV charging stations in garage

Most urban C Stores have smaller parking lots and fewer parking spaces, so there’s more for you to consider when installing EV charging stations. EV charging still takes longer than traditional fueling, so you don’t want to put EV charging stations at parking locations that would limit the access of quick-turnaround customers. Strategically placing EV charging stations along the perimeter of your C Store property is a great way to make use of limited space availability.

Likewise, urban C Store customers are likely looking for different things from C Store EV charging. They’re looking for quick turnover as they travel around town. Their priority will be getting in, getting charged, and getting out quickly as they top off while away from home. This means you need to make sure to install Level 3 Fast DC charging stations. That way, you’re keeping your customers moving through as quickly as possible while still providing services that make you a necessary stop.

Another thing to keep in mind is that local commercial EV fleets are often looking for charging opportunities while away from their fleet depot. C Store EV charging stations are a great way to attract business from fleets looking for convenient, in-area charging opportunities.

New C Store Builds vs. C Store Retrofitting

Another thing to consider with C Store EV charging installation is what the installation process will entail architecturally. Namely, will you install into a new build site or retrofit an existing C Store layout to accommodate EV charging?

If you’re working with a new C Store build, you should strongly consider designing EV charging stations into the parking lot. However, if you need a retrofit, as is the more common occurrence, you will need to outfit your existing footprint to accommodate EV charging stations.

However, in both cases, it’s essential to pay attention to power needs when pursuing EV charging installation. No matter the footprint you’re working with, you’ll likely need an additional electric service drop through your utility provider. Virtually no existing facilities have sufficient excess electric capacity necessary to accommodate EV charging.

How to Implement Rural & Highway C Store EV Charging

If you pursue rural or Highway C Store EV charging, you should think about maximizing your ROI. This is important everywhere, of course, but especially in locations where you’re may receive less frequent traffic. Luckily for you, we have a lot of information on how to do that effectively. As a rural and/or highway C Store, you are likely working with a larger parking lot footprint than most urban C Stores and gas stations and may have more options for placement of the charging stations in your parking lot.  

Fast DC charging is also the appropriate charging station for Highway C Store applications as these drivers are looking for a quick charge to move along to their destination.

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Though some larger gas station or C Store chains are lagging, many see the benefits of expanding into the EV charging market and are strategizing. 7-Eleven, for instance, is planning on adding hundreds of new EV charging stations at locations nationwide by the end of 2022.

Taking steps to upgrade your business now can help with your sustainable growth into the future, well after larger chains start transitioning into the electric vehicle marketplace.

Maximizing the Benefits of C Store EV Charging Station Installation

So, now you know how EV charging can provide value and long-term benefit to your C Store properties. You’ve learned how it can benefit your business and things to keep in mind as you pursue specific types of C Store EV charging installation projects. How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

ev charging installation

We encourage you to approach this conservatively. EV charging stations can be a significant expenditure, and you should treat this as what it is: an investment. Consult your accountant and take advantage of every incentive and grant you can to maximize your ROI.

LilyPad EV would never encourage you to jump into an investment without being fully informed. That’s why we’ve got four quick tips for you to maximize your gains from any C Store EV charging station installation:

1. Dip Your Toes

Don’t jump into installing dozens of charging stations. Make a point of identifying demand in your area. In short: plan. You may only need a handful to see significant business benefits. In this case, installing a smaller number of stations now to max out your state or utility company incentives, getting real-world experience, then expanding later as demand increases may be to your advantage.

Also, don’t just look at the income from EV charging itself. Analyze its benefits on your business holistically including additional profits from attracting more customers who will buy more of your existing products.

If you’re a sizable regional chain, we recommend getting your feet wet with a few charging stations at a few selected high-traffic C Stores so you can gain experience. That way, when demand increases in your market or you see an opportunity to install stations at additional locations, you will better understand how to deploy more stations moving forward.

2. Install General Stations

Focus on standardized charging stations that service the broadest range of electric vehicles. Choose charging stations that can charge all vehicles, not specialized stations that will charge only Teslas. You want to get the most use possible from your investment, and specialized chargers make that more difficult.

Commercial EV Services

Though there are many great EV charging station hardware developers, we would be remiss not to mention our trusted business partners at ChargePoint. They are leading the way in implementing new charging stations for every type of charging use and have the largest EV charging network in the country.

Their stations are tested, well constructed, and have high utility. Not to mention, ChargePoint has a broad portfolio of distinct types of commercial stations to meet the spectrum of your C Store property’s EV charging needs.

3. Learn about EV Charging Grants, Rebates, & Incentives

A considerable benefit to EV charging installation, especially when considering your ROI, is access to governmental programs and utility incentive programs.

The IRS provides a tax credit to businesses that install EV charging stations equivalent to 30 percent of the installation cost, up to a cap of $30,000. These grants and tax incentives can help cover the cost of installation. 

Many state and local governments also provide EV charging station incentives. Some utility companies also offer incentives for installing EV charging stations. Since utility providers benefit from people using more power, they may provide incentives for businesses considering installing travel center EV charging stations.

Then, it’s important that you learn all you can about these programs and how to access them as you investigate installing charging stations at your C Store.

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4. Pick Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

A lot goes into the installation of EV charging stations. Too much trust in inexperienced providers can impact the success of your investment. As a result, you must find someone experienced.

At LilyPad EV, we take care of the charging stations so you can take care of your business. That’s what you deserve from any installation partner. It’s essential to find someone who has the experience, is reliable, and can support your EV charging stations long after the sale. Additionally, looking for a supplier with expertise in a breadth of industries means they’re adept at adjusting to dynamic situations and business needs. Little details like this can make the difference between dependable EV charging partners from unreliable installers.

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If you can’t count on turnkey service from your installers, it may negatively affect your business. We hang our hat on doing right by our customers, and you should expect no less from any potential installer you bring onto your C Store EV charging station project.

LilyPad EV: EV Charging Experts For Your Business.

As EV charging infrastructure becomes more important to your C Store operations, having experience owning and operating C Store EV charging stations will be an invaluable asset to your business. The best way to gain that experience is to invest now. You need someone with experience to help you navigate the process of planning, installation, and operation, and there’s no better partner than LilyPad EV.

The knowledge we’ve gained from over a decade of installing EV charging stations makes us an unmatched advisor in all things EV charging. LilyPad EV has been here since the very beginning of the EV market, and we offer optimized, expert, turnkey solutions to meet your EV charging needs and benefit your business.

Now more than ever, investing in the EV charging market can provide unbeatable value to your business. With the current need for electric vehicles only growing, outfitting your C Store, and optimizing traffic flow and space utilization now, will maximize your ROI while priming you for future business success.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation & learn more about how LilyPad EV is an ideal partner to help identify ROI maximization opportunities for your C Store properties!